Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Joys of Handspun

As summer comes it's not time to give up on the knitting. Not only can we knit for summer, light airy pieces and skinny scarfs; we can knit to prepare for the winter. I know many people get their Christmas shopping done by September, it doesn't hurt to do your holiday knitting too! Check out these Etsy sellers and their wonderful goods to stock up for knitting bag for the winter.
Soon it will be hot here in the city, and I'll be fleeing to the mountains for hiking and backpacking. And what better to prepare then this forest green think and thin spun. Beeskneesknitting makes the pine forest come alive in this deep colored and bulky yarn. Of course I can knit while hiking!

For summer we need light filmy shrugs and shawls, and this aqua lace is fine and light. Get your little tiny needles out, Llanadovella spun this two ply green lace yarn from merino and love. The tones remind me of tropical waters and relaxing on the beach. Ahhhhhh.

Like a golden field of wild flowers this luminous corridale is the perfect color year round. Mae's fine smooth spinning makes this perfect for warm fuzzies or light summer shawls. A fine blend of subtle colors and tones this truly seems like a pile of clippings from a summer meadow.

Summer makes me think of water, and this lovely indigo dyed rough silk yarn from rootandleaf is just pure water and light. The slightly fuzzy texture makes me want to weave with it. Or perhaps I'll just put it in the yard and pretend I have a pond.

And this wonderful yarn by UrbanGypZ . A three ply and lovely hand colored bulky yarn. The colors are a nice mix of sea, earth, and fresh green sprouts.

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