Friday, April 3, 2009

New Swelted Bags

Swelted? What, you may ask, is swelted? Well when a Sweater gets dropped in with the rest of the laundry and is Felted... Tee-hee. For all intents and purposes it's felted, though the technical term is Fulled. Clear as mud?
Regardless of the terminology I've gotten out the crate of swealted finds and started making cute bags. The best part is that each one is completely unique, a reaction to the wool garment it came from. This cute red thing was a cardigan with front pockets. Make a little felt flower from the scraps and you've got a really lovely purse.
This one was a hooded cap sleeve sweater with a flared bottom. Bad news for the poor girl who shrunk it, good news for Pink who found it in the box in the alley. A little red from the other sweater brings color. The sleeves made a pocket on the back.
I have more of course, next is a plain blue sweater, who knows what that will look like! Almost makes me want to start sneaking the families woolens into the laundry basket and pray for a "mishap"!
Though, I would then get to continue looking at my pics and wondering if they're out of focus, or just, well, fuzzy...

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