Saturday, July 31, 2010

Craft Fair Overload!

Had a wonderful day at the Longmont Farmer's Market today! Got to sit in the shade with a pleasant breeze and spin, while selling my wares and chatting it up with people. Got a ton of great fresh local produce to enjoy as well. I get several boxes of smooshed fruits for making jam - we love summer!
Tomorrow I get up early again and head out to the Denver Handmade Craft Fair. 9am-1pm at City Park Esplanade. Come check out the handmade goodies and farmer's produce, not to mention awesome snacks and neat people! See you there locals...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Up in My Grill...

Project time again at the house, this time the goal was to build a bar-b-que for grilling our summer bounty of corn, squash, peppers and eggplant. I used the left over bricks from my raised garden beds.
The "grill" parts are actually old cake cooling racks, and I designed the grill around that size. I had a piece of wood cut at the hardware store, and got a long post and 'L' brackets to create a stand for the brick work. My carpentry skills are perhaps a little rusty, but the resulting table seems fairly strong...

Since the table has to support a pile of bricks, literally, I shored up each leg with the brackets. Each leg has 6 screws holding it on, and the resulting stand is fairly hefty.

First I covered he wood with a layer of cement so that the ashes from the charcoal won't burn out the table. It's been a while since I tried laying bricks, and have never worked with holey ones, so things got a little bit messy. It took a lot longer then I expected, if I were ever to try building a house I would be homeless a looong time...

Voilá! Four layers of bricks with spaces to slide the grill racks in and out. The rear of each rack is supported with a few nails set in the masonry. It's just like me - not really pretty, but a great cook! After letting it dry for a day to be totally set up we're gonna start making kebobs and BBQ tofu, bust out the beer and chill in the backyard... aah!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treasury Feature - Looks Delicious!

My new yarn was included in this cute treasury full of yummy lavender and yellow goods, go check it out!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to the Ren Fest!

I didn't get enough olde tyme goodness last week, so I went with the roomie down to Larkspur again for more huzzahs! I decided I just couldn't pass the bow shop a second time tho, and I got a longbow! That was my cool stuff budget for the summer, but with a lifetime guarantee it should give me enjoyment for many many years!

It was a cool day once again, and there is nothing nicer than sitting in the cool mountain breezes. I am planning to go backpacking this coming week so there should be more "commune with nature" time, tho the camping outfit is not quite as fetching...

The real reason I had to go back? I missed the jousting the first time! Heroic men and horses - just the recipe to make ladies swoon. A tournament in the name of the king and his lords to appoint a knight of the realm with all the fanfare and procession. So know this folks, if you decide to build a medival village in the mountains and convince people to come visit every weekend you too can be King or Queen!

And here the gallant men running hither and yon and striking heroic poses, chivilry and horses really does get the crowd excited. Of course before the end they have all been un-horsed and are busy engaging in hand-to-hand combat... (I'm always cheering for the one who's out for blood! But alas the goody-goody has to win. *sigh*)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Denver Handmade Homemade Market

Last night I had a nice little bike ride down to the Handmade Homemade event at Green Spaces Colorado. It's a cute little market place for small time producers of produce and art. There was fresh veggies and greens, hummus and kimchi, soaps and body products, painters spinners bakers... any thing you can imagine people doing at home! The prices are all flexible, and the barter system is alive and well. I'm hoping I will be able to participate in the future, hanging out there were amazing people and an amazing sense of community! Tho, note to organizers - Bike racks. You will need more!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Great Fabric, Another Dress!

So while hanging out at the Fancy side of the Tiger on their fourth anniversary I found this great mauve print on the sale table! Now I can't pass up a great deal, or a sweet outfit so I had to grab a few yards... Then I dragged the Lean Mean Bernina Machine down to craft night for some intensive sewing time (when I sew at home the internets and the wine tend to distract me...)

I used my fave vintage pattern, and gave it a straight neckline and drop shoulders to shake things up. I'm still in awe of the lingerie woman must have owned in the fourties in order to be fabulous and shapely with out bra straps showing! I used vintage purple buttons and vintage lavender pearl snaps to close up the back.

I was not the only Fancy-er who was enamored with this fabric, and there are some other dresses with this fabric, in mauve and other colors. Hopefully we will all be getting together to frolic in the the park in our matching frocks, and when we do I'll share pictures!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Renissance Festival!

Went to the local Ren Fest yesterday, it was an awesome day. Slightly cloudy, some light sprinkles, a great antidote to the heat of the week. And it's always great to get out in the mountains for the day. There is nothing more fun than seeing the costumes that people have made and the creativity that went into them.

I was working last minute to finish off my "shadowweave robes" I was inspired to make my favorite Role Play outfit from World of Warcraft, not only does it match my hair, but it makes my character look like a sexy beast! It was an adventure to try and make a real life version of a digital dress particularily as I was trying to avoid using any body tape >.>

It took a lot of hand stitching to get all the gold detailing but I'm pleased with the results. I need to find some longer ears to really get the look down right, but the ones I used were so comfortable I didn't even notice I had them on... I almost forgot to take them off before bed! Now I have to wonder how my toon stays so trim with all the fish feast she eats... (must be that running from the Lich King).

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh Blood

So I spent some quality time with the "pounce" feature on Etsy - browsing the shops that have not yet had a sale. Neat stuff that is trying to be found in the maze of the internets. Here's some awesome crafters who are a little rough around the edges but well on their way to making the neatest stuff on the net...

Sweetwoolies - OMG these are the cutest things ever! (Almost makes you want to spawn) Recycled? Check! Functional? Check! Adorable? Check! What else are you looking for in fine handmade garments...

CathrineKoors - Interesting and unusual knit and crocheted goods. Big chunky scarfs and cowls that are sure you keep you warm! She doesn't shy away from complex patterns and colorwork, if you're gonna go, go big!

SimpleLifeUnique - creepy and yet cute? Very old objects stuck together to become crazy art dolls... a little rust never hurt anyone right? And if someone is reusing old stuff they already get good marks in my book!

VignolaPhotography - dusky urban and rural scenes altered to be dark and complex. These photos create a distinct mood that makes me want to drink red wine and listen to Tom Waits, art is supposed to move you right?

Nunucollection - Interesting baubles on sleek leather wristbands. I like that these can be casual or dressy, steampunk, gothic, vintage chic, rustic, shabby... truly versatile options. And did I mention one-of-a-kind? That's my kind of style!

So if you want to be ahead of the curve, be sure to visit these sellers and check out the goods!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Harvest Time Coming on!

The full heat of summer is upon us, and the plants are flourishing in hours and hours of Colorado sunlight, big happy spreading vegetables are putting out blooms and setting on fruit...

It's so amazing to think that these started out at little flat round seeds, and now they're huge floppy green masses with hard green bits on them that will soon turn red and have little flat white bits in them... Biology 101 at work in your backyard.

This is the first year that the majority of my plants were brought up from dry seeds, and it's a great feeling to watch them from a little pair of cotyledons to a big bushy plant! (My girls are growing up!)

I guess some people have children, I have a garden for the joy in my life. Plus, in most states it's illegal to eat your children.

Friday, July 9, 2010

More work on my Ren Fest Costume

Working on the trim parts of my dress for the Ren Fest, I have great charcoal gray velvet that's getting trimmed and embellished with gold. Unfortunately that involves an awful lot of hand stitching, not my forté >.<

Here's one finished sleeve with gold trimmings, now I'm working on long sashes with gold swirls on them.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drum Carder

I just got my drum carder in, and I spent the morning transforming lumps of dense dyed wool into big fluffy batts of happiness just waiting to be spun... I now have a huuuge stack of batts in my new colorway "Ashenvale" ready to become yarn!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handmade Shout Out!

So I picked up some amazing hand made goods this week, I love finding good stuff and finding it's made by wonderful people is even better! First off is this cute headband and matching earrings from Perla Lu. I went to the trunk show at Fancy Tiger and got to chat with the artist while looking at the pretties, a great mother daughter team who use a huge variety of media in their jewelry and accessories.

And then there was a gift in the post... an awesome swim suit from Pin Up Dolls! She has a variety of cute and flattering vintage inspired styles, great for ladies who want to be sexy with out wearing an itty-bitty-string-bikini. Now I can lounge around the back yard in style! Go visit these fine folks and see what great stuff they have to offer...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Denver Handmade Craft Fair is Back!

This forth of July, want to do something truly patriotic? Shop local! When you support small local owned business you help your community. You are giving employment to enterprising folks, and allowing them to have money to spend so they can do the same. Talk about economic stimulus! When you shop at big chains your money is going else where, and political voice goes with it - we vote with our dollar. Shopping at small businesses makes for a stronger community.

Come down to City Park this 4th, from 9AM to 1PM and visit the farmer's market and craft fair. Not only are you doing your civic duty, but it's some of the best, most delicious, freshest, most interesting shopping trip you've had in a while!