Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to the Ren Fest!

I didn't get enough olde tyme goodness last week, so I went with the roomie down to Larkspur again for more huzzahs! I decided I just couldn't pass the bow shop a second time tho, and I got a longbow! That was my cool stuff budget for the summer, but with a lifetime guarantee it should give me enjoyment for many many years!

It was a cool day once again, and there is nothing nicer than sitting in the cool mountain breezes. I am planning to go backpacking this coming week so there should be more "commune with nature" time, tho the camping outfit is not quite as fetching...

The real reason I had to go back? I missed the jousting the first time! Heroic men and horses - just the recipe to make ladies swoon. A tournament in the name of the king and his lords to appoint a knight of the realm with all the fanfare and procession. So know this folks, if you decide to build a medival village in the mountains and convince people to come visit every weekend you too can be King or Queen!

And here the gallant men running hither and yon and striking heroic poses, chivilry and horses really does get the crowd excited. Of course before the end they have all been un-horsed and are busy engaging in hand-to-hand combat... (I'm always cheering for the one who's out for blood! But alas the goody-goody has to win. *sigh*)

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