Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh Blood

So I spent some quality time with the "pounce" feature on Etsy - browsing the shops that have not yet had a sale. Neat stuff that is trying to be found in the maze of the internets. Here's some awesome crafters who are a little rough around the edges but well on their way to making the neatest stuff on the net...

Sweetwoolies - OMG these are the cutest things ever! (Almost makes you want to spawn) Recycled? Check! Functional? Check! Adorable? Check! What else are you looking for in fine handmade garments...

CathrineKoors - Interesting and unusual knit and crocheted goods. Big chunky scarfs and cowls that are sure you keep you warm! She doesn't shy away from complex patterns and colorwork, if you're gonna go, go big!

SimpleLifeUnique - creepy and yet cute? Very old objects stuck together to become crazy art dolls... a little rust never hurt anyone right? And if someone is reusing old stuff they already get good marks in my book!

VignolaPhotography - dusky urban and rural scenes altered to be dark and complex. These photos create a distinct mood that makes me want to drink red wine and listen to Tom Waits, art is supposed to move you right?

Nunucollection - Interesting baubles on sleek leather wristbands. I like that these can be casual or dressy, steampunk, gothic, vintage chic, rustic, shabby... truly versatile options. And did I mention one-of-a-kind? That's my kind of style!

So if you want to be ahead of the curve, be sure to visit these sellers and check out the goods!

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