Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Blooms

Good thing we've had sunny warm weather this week, because to day it is raining and dreary... Good for lawns, less so for gardening. But at the new house, things have been blooming! While the previous owner was not a veggie gardener, I did inherit some other lovely plants. Like a plum tree out back that last year made tons of little fruits - so mom made tons of plum kuchen!
There are also lots of bulbs coming up, the reds show first along with the daffodils, but as of writing this the yellow and purple tulips are popping open! Nothing like flowers in spring to get you outside in the garden! If only this miserable rain...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Report from the Ballyhoo!

We had a great day yesterday at the Ballyhoo! Check out the awesome sign our volunteers made for the event, and check out all the people checking out the 30 sweet vendors set up there. Even with the drizzly weather people came out to shop and create.

We had several cool deomos, there folks are sewing cell phone pouches, we also watched tatting, spinning, sock puppets and needle felting!

There was also a cakewalk, with some awesome cakes up for grabs to anyone who wanted to play. Flavors like toffee, peanut butter-chocolate, lemon and Thundercake it was hard for all the winners to choose!
There was also an interactive screen printing demo, people bought canvas totes and were guided through putting the cool Ballyhoo logo on it.
Last but not least we had the expert baristas creating latte art for our highly caffeinated judges, good way to warm up!
The Denver Handmade Alliance did an amazing job of putting together a fabulous event with lots of exciting things going on!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crafty Ballyhoo Tomorrow!

Gather round folks, it's time for a Ballyhoo! Last weekend a bunch of crafty volunteers got together at my house to prep stuff for the Ballyhoo. We got out all our random bits and a glue gun and made some awesome letters for the main sign. I've been sewing the letters on to our big yellow banner!
What is the Ballyhoo you might ask? As part of Create Denver Week the Denver Handmade Alliance put together an awesome show with 30 local vendors, crafty demos, make and take crafts, a cake contest and cake walk, a latte art throwdown and more creative fun than you can shake a stick at! (dunno why you'ld be shaking sticks...)
Tomorrow, Saturday April 17th in Downtown Denver all this will be happening at the Flower Garage - 1490 Delgany from 11am to 7pm. See you all there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Many Chocolate Eggs...

And I turned into Ariannya the Noble! How cute are the bunny ears!? I've definitely been wearing them in dungeons, so far no one has said anything about it. Who needs a helm with stats when you've got bunny ears? And a bunny pet that falls in love with other bunnies and literally shoots out baby bunnies... squee! Noblegarden was possibly the most vomity cute holiday yet...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Instant Collection - Vintage Finds

Step one - Go to thrift store, charity shops, garage sales, estate sales (you should be going there anyway!) and finding something you like. Pick up another. Find a set piece in your apartment dumpster, with a slight chip on it. Raid your Grandmother's house, she's getting old and won't notice something gone... right? Notice that you have an affinity for some old thing, for both it's aesthetics, and the well worn functionality.

Go on Etsy and find some more! I picked up some matching pieces for my sets on Etsy. When ever you see something like what you already have you can't help but reunite the set! (Say that to my bright red coffee tins that never more shall hold coffee) I had the plain green bowl, the large orange and the small handled bowl, I filled in the sets other pieces, and a spare!

I got one set of bowls from Jen'sCloset and the other from Zelle'sAttic . Hmmm, I sense a theme... Both were shipped promptly and arrived in one piece - oh so important for glass bowls! What ever nostalgia you are looking for, you can likely find it on Etsy, go check out their Vintage category, and remember that reuse is the first and most important of the three Rs.