Sunday, April 4, 2010

Instant Collection - Vintage Finds

Step one - Go to thrift store, charity shops, garage sales, estate sales (you should be going there anyway!) and finding something you like. Pick up another. Find a set piece in your apartment dumpster, with a slight chip on it. Raid your Grandmother's house, she's getting old and won't notice something gone... right? Notice that you have an affinity for some old thing, for both it's aesthetics, and the well worn functionality.

Go on Etsy and find some more! I picked up some matching pieces for my sets on Etsy. When ever you see something like what you already have you can't help but reunite the set! (Say that to my bright red coffee tins that never more shall hold coffee) I had the plain green bowl, the large orange and the small handled bowl, I filled in the sets other pieces, and a spare!

I got one set of bowls from Jen'sCloset and the other from Zelle'sAttic . Hmmm, I sense a theme... Both were shipped promptly and arrived in one piece - oh so important for glass bowls! What ever nostalgia you are looking for, you can likely find it on Etsy, go check out their Vintage category, and remember that reuse is the first and most important of the three Rs.

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Anonymous said...

Those are really cool. There is a website that give you some background and current pricing info. My mother is collecting them.