Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can it be Garden Time Now Preaze?

My fingers aren't grubby enough, the deceptively warm spring weather is taunting me to start planting. But I know that last frost is a few weeks away, so I'm consigned to browsing Etsy...
<---- this is my next victim... rawr! That's right the PETA crazies never ask the plants how they feel about it. BeanForest has a pin that will please both Herbivore and Omnivore food lovers. And will shut up the next obnoxious person who informs you "an animal died in pain for that!" (Disclaimer, I'm a vegetarian)

Am I above playing plant based dress up? No, definitely not. Check out these paper dolls from ElizabethOcean have a variety of fabulous outfits in vegetable themed prints. Seriously, like carrots, corn, and this garden geisha in bok choy. Delicious meets fashion, brilliant!

I guess some stir-crazy crafters would be making this sort of awesome amigarumi action. With this pattern from SeaAndLighthouse in Thailand you could create a cornucopia of cute! Vegetables so mind-numbingly sweet they make your teeth hurt, perfect for filling the veggie bowl in the off-season.

Cooked onions - awesome, raw onions - spawn of hell. Or, they make me do a face like this guy! A red onion is just waiting for you to wipe your self all over him, just what CraftieLadie probably wanted. Perfect for hanging on an oven filled with fresh veggy-ful delights!

Pickle Power! (anyone else remember skankin' pickle?) This fermented curcubit wants to be your friend, and hang on your fridge. DefiantDamsel hand stitched this adorable veggie just to be part of your household decor, and to remind you that some of the best things in life are a little rotten...

Ever wonder who was the first to try and eat an artichoke? Boy am I glad they did tho... not only are they tastey, but very pretty. This print from FLYoungStudio is eye catching and well, it makes me a little hungry. Perfect for a dining room or kitchen!

Or one could always wear your garden geekery. Cute little yellow squash from CraftedbyNan could be dangling on your neck! Good thing the squash in my garden grow to be a little longer, but never as good looking, and you couldn't hang them from your earlobes.


Anonymous said...

Oh...I love that pin! I want one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my little artichoke...I might just have to get that pickle cross stitch...great finds!

DefiantDamsel said...

Ooooh ooooh! I remember Skankin' Pickle! (Or at least their cover of Kung Fu Fighting)

Thanks so much for the feature!

The turtles in your shop are so cute...I squealed a little when I saw them :-)