Saturday, March 13, 2010


That weather is teasing me, so it's time to start yard work. "What yard?" you may ask. In May I will be moving out of my apartment and into a house my parents own. I got permission from Dad to do anything I wanted in the yard... muahaha!
So I started digging my little garden plots in the back yard, I was moving the perfectly good sod from where I'm digging to a few spots where leaves were left in piles and killed the grass. Hopefully the transplant will take!

And inside the house there is a sunny window with a green box on it, full of spindly little tomatoes starting to make there way in this world! I planted some more tomatoes, as well as eggplants and peppers today. My mother is growing some different varieties in her basement so we can have some plant swaps. Nothing like getting dirty!

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kate said...

Spring is almost here! Can't wait to start my seedlings~*~