Thursday, August 26, 2010

Indian SUmmer Afternoons

As the summer draws to an end there is nothing nicer than enjoying the afternoons. It's been cool every evening but getting awfully hot during the day, so a good lazy activity like spinning is the best and highest use of an afternoon! School started this week, cutting into my crafty time, but still expect to see more new yarns coming to my shop in the next few weeks...

Monday, August 16, 2010

More crafty tools, need more crafty time!

I pulled the loom out of my folk's garage and made space for it in my craft room. Now I have to get it working and start using it! It was actually rescued from a dumpster by my sister, and even folded it is tricky to put in the back of a station wagon so she drove it on top of the car to drop it off at my parent's. It's extremely old, and no info about the company is around the internet (that I can find anyway)
It's more of less complete, it's a four heddle loom with all the pieces there. Only one heddle currently hangs from the loom tho, and it is not hung properly. I am trying to figure out the system that was used to hang the pieces and connect them to the peddles, at that point I can warp it up and be ready to go! If anyone knows a loom expert please let me know...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Begin the Harvest!

The garden is thriving! I finally got around to digging up our delicious garlic, and the tomatillos are coming ripe! This is the time of year veggie enthusiast wait for!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Murlocs are Multiplying

World, meet Blagurglegurgle. He's a kind quiet soul but if you get too close he will come running across the sand with arms flapping wildly to throw his little murloc spear. He just want's you off of his lawn yaknow?

Each one gets better and better, by the time I have them perfected there will be an army of murlocs protecting my computer from haxxors...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out for Nature Break

For the next few days I'll be headed out for a wild fairy romp! (Also known as a backpacking trip for those of you who don't speak elvish) As the mood took me, I did a search for Wood Elf goods, and came out with a wonderful basket of great picks for long eared style!
Here in Colorado even in the midsummer it is often chilly enough for woolens, particularly out in the forest and mountains. This pixie worthy hat from BeautifulPlace will keep you toasty even in the coldest of beautiful places. Don't forget that those pointy ears will need to stay warm!

On a cold evening in the woods one might need a little more warmth than even that tho, but ditch the sweaters and coats ---> this is what you need! A custom piece from FrixieGirl that is both rustic and modern. The warm natural wool felt will be warm and durable, and help you to fade into the trees. One could even try to match the colors and shapes of your local flora.
Perhaps one would want a little bit more camouflage? For sneaking about in the lush woods and leaping from tree to tree right... These Woodland earrings from LuxePlumes would be right at home in any forest, the natural feathers will make you the cutest elf on the block (err, the hill? Tree?)

One needs to have a way to pin back your hair, have to show off those lovely ears right? Petalmix has a variety of wonderful Tsumami Kanzashi flowers, a nice mix of traditional techniques paired with a little modern bling! One could cultivate a collection to match your every outfit, as these dress up a t-shirt, and finish an evening dress...

SilkStoneDesigns creates these silver leafs directly from the real deal, then matches them with lovely leather that is reminiscent of a willow branch. Simple adornments that will be happy in the woods, or will bring some woods into the city! It's even made from recycled silver, so you can be green while you're being green...

Naturally, I will be bringing knitting on my trip, and here's some yarn that warms a wood elf's heart! Kittygrrlz colorway Forest Snake, with a fabulous interplay of greens and browns with a little bit of magic sparkle! Imagine your own Fae creation with this funky art yarn...
I'll be hiding in the trees for a few days, dreaming of wild adventures and enjoying the fresh mountain air. Until then, stay crafty!