Monday, August 16, 2010

More crafty tools, need more crafty time!

I pulled the loom out of my folk's garage and made space for it in my craft room. Now I have to get it working and start using it! It was actually rescued from a dumpster by my sister, and even folded it is tricky to put in the back of a station wagon so she drove it on top of the car to drop it off at my parent's. It's extremely old, and no info about the company is around the internet (that I can find anyway)
It's more of less complete, it's a four heddle loom with all the pieces there. Only one heddle currently hangs from the loom tho, and it is not hung properly. I am trying to figure out the system that was used to hang the pieces and connect them to the peddles, at that point I can warp it up and be ready to go! If anyone knows a loom expert please let me know...

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