Wednesday, December 29, 2010


No, that is not a picture of spaghetti night at my house, it is something far more yummy! Freshly spun yarn washed and soaking to be dyed. Yesterday was color day in my house, and the sweet smell of vinigar and wet wool heralds the coming of new yarns.

I did two simple colorways, the whole thing submerged in a light dyebath, and slowly pulled out as more color is added. Blues were the tone for the day since it's the color of winter, not that it's been very winter-y around here...

It was warm and sunny in fact, so I was able to hang the yarns outside to dry. The colors really pop in the sun! Wish my lawn was that green in the summer (>.<)

These two colorways, and some recently carded fiber blends will be popping up in my Etsy shop this week, for all your knitting pleasure. I hope many of you made a new year's resolution to be crafty!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Turtle Time

After selling out of Turtle Pincushions at Holiday Handmade I decided it might be worthwhile to restock. I recently got a pile of cute fabric scraps that are mainly in long skinny strips which just happen to be perfect for the various turtle parts! The first one is done... meet Marta!

I have a pile of turtle parts, and I brought them to craft night at Fancy Tiger so I could work on the hand sewn parts. A perfect way to take my work around, as most of my sewing is done on machine this about the only portable thing I have!

The stuffing of each part is fabric scraps. As I cut pieces for my bags and pull apart junked clothing I put all the scraps, even the itty-bitty bits, in to a large newspaper bag. Back in November it was full to overflowing, I've made enough stuffed things to go through half of it, and these turtles will hopefully get it almost empty again.

The tops are machine quilted, and the body is machine shaped, but everything else is hand sewn, including putting all the parts together! A good time to sit in the sun, grab a cup of tea, and stitch away...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Po-tay-toe Po-tah-toe

With the sun sitting low and the days short, it's the time of year for hearty warm foods. But even I have a limit on soups, and other seasonal temptations arise. It's a little past time for Latkes, but in our non-Jewish household my mother made delicious potato pancakes all winter long. I looked to make use of all the seasons root veggies tho, and made them a little more colorful then my mother's old-fashioned cooking.
I shredded purple potatoes and turnips for a little something different, and added very thinly sliced onions. Beaten eggs and a bit of flour hold the whole mess together, and some simple salt and pepper season it. Fry the little patties on a hot skillet and eat 'em while they're hot! We have always had ours served with apple sauce, tho a fruit compote would dress them up a little. A great treat made from seasonal veggies just perfect for getting through the yule time!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

From One Grindstone to Another

*pant pant* I finished up the semester this week, and wrapped up several weeks of frantic study and paper writing. Now I get a break so I can go pack to sewing! My shop's been a little empty since Holiday Handmade so it's time to crank out some new wares. I'm hoping to have lots of new pieces in the next few weeks so be sure to keep checking my Etsy shop! First one to be listed is this awesome Green Tree Tote...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Go Firefly!

Yesterday I made the pilgrimage to Boulder for some crafty times. A swing by the LYS Gypsy Wools and Shuttles Spindles and Skeins. And I stopped by to check out the Firefly market. They had a sweet space on Pearl street with more than 60 vendors and lots of cool stuff. There were many familiar faces (who were working hard all week to make more stuff after the Holiday Handmade Fair) and lots of new folks with some truly great stuff. If you're in that area go check it out, it continues to 3pm today in the location at 1904 Pearl St. There are more fairs planned for the rest of the year, and I'm hoping to get involved!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finds - In Flight

As the Winter solstice approaches the sun sits low in the sky and the clear blue seems always tinged with a haze near the horizon. Now is the time of year I wish I could fly above the barren trees...
The lines of migrating birds are evoked in this fiber art piece by aptly named WhiteNest. The delicate and simple outlines capture a flock in flight, an uplifting image and a fine piece to be displayed. Bring these fine feathered friends into your home to be a sleek artwork on your walls.

This unusual piece of art, a collage by LivingFeral, evokes both memories and hope, the nostolgic colors of old photos and the careful placement of elements create a piece of art that would be comfortable on any wall.

And my steampunk heart is enamored by these necklaces - A Flight to the Past by EdmDesigns. The colors and style make it just as suitable for a costume as for everyday wear. This flight may well be by airship but I'm ready to board!

I flock to wine as these birds are flocking somewhere... PrettyMyDrink hand paints these chic glasses for uniqueness and flair that can't be matched by a mass-produced version. Brilliant for serving wine, cocktails, or simple water.

Bold and eccentric... just like me! This fabulous hand-painted purse from RomantiquePunk is an upcycled leather bag which has been given wings (and a guitar, insert deep observation about the freedom of music here) This would be a sassy accessory for any musician and it's eco-friendly!

For a more subdued look here's a sleek white vase from RedHotPottery. Hand-thrown and sculpted with this pure white gloss that screams modernity, and functional to boot! A delicate piece to match any flower you hold in it.

And of course a bike. But not just any cycle, this is an epic flying mount! This hip tee from MartyMay features my favorite mode of transportation transcending it's earthly bounds and taking flight... on comfy American apparel no less!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Starting Sunchokes in the Garden

In the winter we gardeners still find plenty to do, like starting perennials. I went to my Mother's and harvested the last of her Jerusalem Artichokes (AKA Sunchokes), not just for the yums but to pass on the plant to my yard. These humble asters are neither from Jerusalem, nor are they Artichokes, they are yummy tubers with tops that bloom bright yellow and look like small sunflowers. Since their arrival in our house they have been a staple part of Thanksgiving get-togethers as they are awfully tasty sauteed in a little butter.

The propagation of such plants is not by seeds, but by starts. My Mother's plot began as a pot of sad flowers rescued from a florist dumpster, but once growing they are nearly impossible to get rid of! Each season one leaves behind the smallest tubers and the nubbins growing on the base of each stalk, the next seasons crop spring from these humble origins.

Because of their longevity I picked a enclosed bed which is awkward to cultivate - perfect for perennials. I gave them some nice soil, but they are a weedy crop and ask for very little besides sunshine and space! Now we just sit back and wait for spring...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Woot Holiday Handmade!

*Flop* Still reeling from the amazing experience that was Holiday Handmade this year. The first thing was the venue, a building over 100 years old built by the El Jebel Shriners it is decked out with every wall, window, column, railing and staircase richly decorated with painted carved wood and patterned decor.

And of course there were the people... thousands of fun unique crafty people shopping for themselves and their gift lists. Lots of smiling faces and people who were thrilled to see so many artisans in one place. Huge shout out to Fancy Tiger and the Denver Handmade Alliance for a fabulous show!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Treasury Feature!

Some sweet colors, a nice cheery break from Winter neutrals! Go check out this wonderful Treasury and support the featured artist...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sewing my Butt Off for Holiday Handmade!

Holiday Handmade is coming this weekend! It's the only craft fair I've been to where people are lined up outside waiting to come in (tho shwag bags going to the first 50 people helps) This Friday and Saturday at the Sherman Events Center in Downtown Denver. Check out the organizers Fancy Tiger to get more scoop... I will be there with my fabulous recycled tote bags, and wonderful handspun yarns!