Monday, December 20, 2010

Po-tay-toe Po-tah-toe

With the sun sitting low and the days short, it's the time of year for hearty warm foods. But even I have a limit on soups, and other seasonal temptations arise. It's a little past time for Latkes, but in our non-Jewish household my mother made delicious potato pancakes all winter long. I looked to make use of all the seasons root veggies tho, and made them a little more colorful then my mother's old-fashioned cooking.
I shredded purple potatoes and turnips for a little something different, and added very thinly sliced onions. Beaten eggs and a bit of flour hold the whole mess together, and some simple salt and pepper season it. Fry the little patties on a hot skillet and eat 'em while they're hot! We have always had ours served with apple sauce, tho a fruit compote would dress them up a little. A great treat made from seasonal veggies just perfect for getting through the yule time!

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