Friday, December 10, 2010

Finds - In Flight

As the Winter solstice approaches the sun sits low in the sky and the clear blue seems always tinged with a haze near the horizon. Now is the time of year I wish I could fly above the barren trees...
The lines of migrating birds are evoked in this fiber art piece by aptly named WhiteNest. The delicate and simple outlines capture a flock in flight, an uplifting image and a fine piece to be displayed. Bring these fine feathered friends into your home to be a sleek artwork on your walls.

This unusual piece of art, a collage by LivingFeral, evokes both memories and hope, the nostolgic colors of old photos and the careful placement of elements create a piece of art that would be comfortable on any wall.

And my steampunk heart is enamored by these necklaces - A Flight to the Past by EdmDesigns. The colors and style make it just as suitable for a costume as for everyday wear. This flight may well be by airship but I'm ready to board!

I flock to wine as these birds are flocking somewhere... PrettyMyDrink hand paints these chic glasses for uniqueness and flair that can't be matched by a mass-produced version. Brilliant for serving wine, cocktails, or simple water.

Bold and eccentric... just like me! This fabulous hand-painted purse from RomantiquePunk is an upcycled leather bag which has been given wings (and a guitar, insert deep observation about the freedom of music here) This would be a sassy accessory for any musician and it's eco-friendly!

For a more subdued look here's a sleek white vase from RedHotPottery. Hand-thrown and sculpted with this pure white gloss that screams modernity, and functional to boot! A delicate piece to match any flower you hold in it.

And of course a bike. But not just any cycle, this is an epic flying mount! This hip tee from MartyMay features my favorite mode of transportation transcending it's earthly bounds and taking flight... on comfy American apparel no less!

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