Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Turtle Time

After selling out of Turtle Pincushions at Holiday Handmade I decided it might be worthwhile to restock. I recently got a pile of cute fabric scraps that are mainly in long skinny strips which just happen to be perfect for the various turtle parts! The first one is done... meet Marta!

I have a pile of turtle parts, and I brought them to craft night at Fancy Tiger so I could work on the hand sewn parts. A perfect way to take my work around, as most of my sewing is done on machine this about the only portable thing I have!

The stuffing of each part is fabric scraps. As I cut pieces for my bags and pull apart junked clothing I put all the scraps, even the itty-bitty bits, in to a large newspaper bag. Back in November it was full to overflowing, I've made enough stuffed things to go through half of it, and these turtles will hopefully get it almost empty again.

The tops are machine quilted, and the body is machine shaped, but everything else is hand sewn, including putting all the parts together! A good time to sit in the sun, grab a cup of tea, and stitch away...


kasthurirajam said...

beautiful turtle

Karen said...

Those are adorable! Do you sew by hand? I have trouble sewing small things on my machine and find hand sewing to be much easier. I love the fabric colors for this turtle.