Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Great Stash bust of 2013

Greetings folks in blog land, sorry for the paucity of post. This Crafty Bitch got pulled under by a chest cold and an avalanche of school work. This means I've been bringing simple mindless knitting with me to class...

This is my progress so far on stash bustin'. Three scarves in bright colors for wearing and gifting. Not that impressive, but it's yarn out of the closet! Ok, only theoretically out of the closet, since my bin of gift knits is also in the closet. Well, can't win them all...

Anyone else making progress on Resolutions? How do you show off fancy yarns?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lopi Sweater Number Two - Finished!

 I cast off my second Lopi sweater this weekend, and promptly went snowboarding in it. It was really warm!

I used the Árni pattern, but knit it top-down, I made the sleeves separately however, for portability, and then kitchnered them in place. I was really happy with the easy pattern, and it fits great! I've been on quite a sweater kick, and I'm sooo tempted to make another Lopi, particularly since my LYS is carrying the Icelandic wool now.
I'm knocking off more and more things from my to-knit list, and busting through that stash (hopefully before the moths can eat it all!) What have you been knitting?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Salve Making

 I've been exploring herbal medicine for a few years now, and my repertoire of useful items keeps expanding, as does the cupboard space I keep them in...

After last summer's intense heat and bad sunburns I decided it was time for something a little more soothing than the aloe, I'd use it with aloe of course, but when I burn I need some serious moisture! I infused chamomile and rosemary in olive oil, letting them sit in the sun of my kitchen window for a few weeks.
 The other ingredient is beeswax, all natural with that slight whiff of honey to it! I used about one cup infused oils, and one ounce beeswax. You can add 20-30 drops of essential oils or a tablespoon of vitamin E oil as well.
 Melt the wax in a double boiler, make candles, then pour into a container. Note that once a container is used for wax related stuff it's tricky to clean it all the way, so just dedicate those jar to ever be for salve making and wax melting.
I stirred the salve while it was cooling to make a light fluffy concoction, better for smearing on sensitive burns and rashes. Simple, effective, wholesome and free of unknown scary long -named chemicals!

Do you make body products for yourself at home?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finds - Ewe Ready for Spring?

Today marks Imbolc, also traditionally known as "Candlemas" and"The Feast of Lactating Ewes". Whatsa matter? Don't have any ewes around your house that are ready to start lactating? You can still enjoy a touch of Imbolc, get a glass of milk, a warm wool sweater, and some sheepy friends to join you...
Nature Art, Sheep and Farm, Brown, Green, Orange, Blue, Woodblock Print
Fabulous block print by EdamamePress, a view of the world from a place where lactating ewes are still noticed.
Wooly Primitive Sheep Pillow

Settle in on a fluffy sheep pillow from JustPlainFolk...
Felted Sheep Grazing Coffee Cozy

And wrap up your hot beverage of choice with this cute warmer by PurlandJune.
Yarn Bowl with a Sheep for Knitting or Crocheting:  Cream Knitting Bowl, Great Gift for Her by MiriHardyPottery
Cozy up with this bowl from MiriHardyPottery to corral your wildest wooly projects...

And knit with these piratey stick from Scary2Merry for added sass.
sheep waldorf wooden toy eco-friendly natural
Or just keep this little wooden friend around, made by OutsideEverywhere. Toys are for all ages after all!

Light a little fire this weekend to remind yourself that spring is coming, and until it gets here you can still enjoy our ovine friends!