Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finds - Ewe Ready for Spring?

Today marks Imbolc, also traditionally known as "Candlemas" and"The Feast of Lactating Ewes". Whatsa matter? Don't have any ewes around your house that are ready to start lactating? You can still enjoy a touch of Imbolc, get a glass of milk, a warm wool sweater, and some sheepy friends to join you...
Nature Art, Sheep and Farm, Brown, Green, Orange, Blue, Woodblock Print
Fabulous block print by EdamamePress, a view of the world from a place where lactating ewes are still noticed.
Wooly Primitive Sheep Pillow

Settle in on a fluffy sheep pillow from JustPlainFolk...
Felted Sheep Grazing Coffee Cozy

And wrap up your hot beverage of choice with this cute warmer by PurlandJune.
Yarn Bowl with a Sheep for Knitting or Crocheting:  Cream Knitting Bowl, Great Gift for Her by MiriHardyPottery
Cozy up with this bowl from MiriHardyPottery to corral your wildest wooly projects...

And knit with these piratey stick from Scary2Merry for added sass.
sheep waldorf wooden toy eco-friendly natural
Or just keep this little wooden friend around, made by OutsideEverywhere. Toys are for all ages after all!

Light a little fire this weekend to remind yourself that spring is coming, and until it gets here you can still enjoy our ovine friends!


Miri said...

I definitely enjoyed all these awesome ovine creations! Thanks so much Pink for including my 'Sophie the Sheep" Yarn Bowl!



katiegirl said...

I love all the cute sheep! Thanks for including my coffee cozy!