Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lopi Sweater Number Two - Finished!

 I cast off my second Lopi sweater this weekend, and promptly went snowboarding in it. It was really warm!

I used the Árni pattern, but knit it top-down, I made the sleeves separately however, for portability, and then kitchnered them in place. I was really happy with the easy pattern, and it fits great! I've been on quite a sweater kick, and I'm sooo tempted to make another Lopi, particularly since my LYS is carrying the Icelandic wool now.
I'm knocking off more and more things from my to-knit list, and busting through that stash (hopefully before the moths can eat it all!) What have you been knitting?

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Sheila said...

The colors are SO PRETTY!!!! You're making me want to knit one of my own...