Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snow's mostly melted... again

The weather as warmed again and melted the 7-8 inches of snow from last week. So I got back to work on the garden!
I went to our local Habitat for Humanity outlet and got the remainders of a pallet of bricks (FYI, 280 or so bricks will make your suspension sag). I had been wanting to get ones with holes in them so I can drive stakes through them in the corners to keep things sturdy. I need to fill the new beds with a good bit more soil to hit the top of the bricks.
All of this is to make an awesome home for my tomatoes sprouts which are thriving in their mini green house! These are the oldest ones, the others are about 2 weeks behind and are just now getting their adult leaves (yes, the plants are my babies... which I bury outside and eat @.@) Come on summer!

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Campbell Jane said...

Nice! I am hoping I can have a garden this year.