Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Means...Take the Fingers off those Gloves!!

It's warming up, but not that much... Let's not be hasty with the short sleeves, but we can ditch the über heavy warm fuzzies and don our just-a-little-bit-warm goods. Call 'em fingerless gloves, wristlets, armies, cuffs, just don't call them boring and un-fashionable. These are more than just mittens that were never finished...

Now say, for example, you want to be classy, dressed up, and sexy, but long sleeves are too warm and none is not enough? Voíla! DarkDestiny has some awesome mixed media arm cuffs to make any Victorian girl swoon (k, maybe that's actually the corsets...)

Like the look, but wanting to exercise the right to bear arms? (ouch, bad pun!) Here's some knit cuffs that have a little bit of gothic lacy flair, but just a little. Loretari will send you these all the way from Lithuania just to keep your fingers warm while say, crafting or such. Isn't that nice of her?

JRoseAtelier has some armies that are sure to be warm and fasionable. Soft merino in rich red and a lovely subtle stich pattern so your hands can be warm dry and pretty. Equally at home with a nice dress, casual jeans, gothic blacks or bright colors...

And here's the eco-friendly way to cover those scandalous wrists. Woolen sweater bits in my favorite shades (bright pink! squee!) upcycled to become hand fuzzies. ThePaintedDaisy looks to have a grand collection of reclaimed sweaters that are finding new life, and that new life could be with you!

Since it's spring you'll want to add some bright colors to your wardrobe, like these goldeny yellow wristlets from Beatknits. The little strap and button make them much sharper than a simple cuff, and give them a sophisticated touch.

Elegant and warm, a good double purpose piece! Deliriumkredens knits these to order from merino to be functional and fancy. I love the rich shades of plum and the subtle stitch pattern, now if only I had the same lovely profile of the model...

How about some hand-dyed warmth and softness, just right for keeping warm while typing? Awesome cute colorway meets adorable shell pattern in these mitts from HumbleHome. And why the button? Why not the button! If you had a huge button wouldn't you put it on your warm fuzzies?

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