Monday, July 19, 2010

Renissance Festival!

Went to the local Ren Fest yesterday, it was an awesome day. Slightly cloudy, some light sprinkles, a great antidote to the heat of the week. And it's always great to get out in the mountains for the day. There is nothing more fun than seeing the costumes that people have made and the creativity that went into them.

I was working last minute to finish off my "shadowweave robes" I was inspired to make my favorite Role Play outfit from World of Warcraft, not only does it match my hair, but it makes my character look like a sexy beast! It was an adventure to try and make a real life version of a digital dress particularily as I was trying to avoid using any body tape >.>

It took a lot of hand stitching to get all the gold detailing but I'm pleased with the results. I need to find some longer ears to really get the look down right, but the ones I used were so comfortable I didn't even notice I had them on... I almost forgot to take them off before bed! Now I have to wonder how my toon stays so trim with all the fish feast she eats... (must be that running from the Lich King).

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