Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mother Nature is...a Mother

Now, this weekend I wanted to get out and garden. But instead it snowed nearly a foot of wet mushy flakes. So I need a warm thing that still reminds me of flowers veggies and dirt. Quiltlover makes lots of lovely bed covers, including this rose garden inspired piece. Perfect for these spring days when it can't decide what the weather is going to be.

Now, some people may not need accessories to garden, but I like to get in the mood. bionicunicorn has some lovely florals which will prepare you to go get your weed on! They might also find that they're just as nice for say, evening wear and the like...

Now, there are things to be aware of in the yard - bugs, fungus, psuedopods. Badbird's snail in need of anger management is sure to make you smile (or cower in terror). Not to mention it will make you feel gardeny year round.

And of course when it's time to plant your own, Myvictorygarden has things, well, for your victory garden. Seeds of the heirloom and not so heirloom variety for every corner of your plot. And pictures to make the plant porn lover in me drool (I'm a little jealous FYI).

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Tina- said...

how very sweet of you to mention my little shop on etsy! wow! very much appreciated.thank you!