Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now That The Earth Day Maddness is Behind Us...

...those of us who are Eco-friendly the other 364 days can go about our ways. One must usually beware of false "eco-washing" but if you shop the Eco-Friendly Market at You can be sure that the enviromental statements are true (really, they have a screening process), and you are supporting a craftsman directly.
Lots of different goods for every part of your life, and lots of unique artisans!

Like this basket made from Pine needles! I've seen books on how to do this, but I didn't know any mere mortal had the patience... Grizzly Mountain Arts does! And his wonderful pieces come in many shapes and sizes.

If you're looking for something a little softer, Obelisk Fiber Arts Makes hand woven scarfs and shawls with materials like hand spuns, organic cotton and many other natural fibers With wonderful textures and soft demure colors these will flatter any outfit and give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside too!

For the Earth lover who also wants to let their Hippy flag fly, perhaps a little peace love and understanding? zJayne's recycled glass medallions come in many styles and colors, and bring a little brightness to any setting. Get a pack of them and spread the peace around!

After you've spent all day being a dirty Hippy, community garden, protest marches, free love orgy etc... You need to clean up your act! Aquarian Bath to the rescue! Any "flavor" you can imagine, all good for you and the planet. Happy not-earth-day, let's get back to living responsibly again.


Aquarian Bath said...

Thanks for including me. :)

zJayne said...

Oh how fun....I must quickly go view the workings of a "mere mortal" (love that) and the pine needle vessel... this is a treat and shared with care.

Thanks for including my recycled post consumer glass medallions (great word choice)...going to have to snatch that!

Peace always,
Jane aka zJayne