Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Edible Knitting - Yum!

Earlier today I was staring down a spool of speaker wire, wondering if it could be knit? One could make a large mat, then hook up your sound system with it. Which led to the thought, of what else one might be able to knit, when I got home from craft night the search bagain.
And the results are meager, why is no one making things from food?
Like this delicious piece, red licorice (one of my favorites), meets thongs (not one of my favorites). Kinky. Sassy. Sticky?
From Knitty.com, the real class is in the satin covered hanger...

Or the great noodle knitters of the modern day. What better way to eat ramen!

So help me out dear internetsers. What else can we knit with? What edibles can be coaxed into interlocking loops with the help of two sticks? Extra credit given to non-manmade options.


Joy said...

This isn't edible, but... I've considered knitting a very minty dental floss scarf.

Pink said...

hmm, you could chew on it and get flavor, I 'spose that is close to being edible!