Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finals Week Looms!!!

   Counting down the days now, with final projects and papers weighing on me, and the first Farmers Market of the season this Saturday. Stress is something I'm doing right now, but I handle it well. How do I prepare for a day at school? 


First, I start my morning with a serious cup of tea. Use a hefty mug that holds the heat, like this one from FullofGracePottery. So delicate a flower, but a piece of clay that's not going to crumble. Green tea, no sugar.

Then you have to make sure you've got what you need for the day... Be Prepared! A pencil case for your #2s and calculators keeps you from panicing and dropping a wad at the bookstore on test day (2$ for a pencil?) Whoopsidaisy has got some cuties, like this one with fawns to make you Daaaaaww!

Or, If you are an art student, or an elementary school kid (what's the difference?) you can bring your colors. And if you get your roll-up crayon organizer from BloomWoosie you get to bring robots to school too. Wouldn't that make anyone's day better? I have a case for my sharpies, and doom to the person who borrows one and leaves an empty space!!

Next we slide our computer into a colorful puffy laptop envelope from Fernfiddlehead to protect it from bumps, and roll up that powercord, if it wasn't for the internet in classes when would I post in the Etsy forums? Not to mention, lot's of good deals on computers are only available to students, that's like a mandate to bring them to class right?

But let's not forget about snacks. No way I could make it through the day with out munchies! Keeps the brain working and all that good stuff. To be enviromentally responsible get some reusable sacks, like these from evelynfields. It's much healthier to eat slowly through the day than to stuff your face with fast food between classes! Now we're getting close to go time...

Now just stuff it all in one totally huge Felted Sweater Bag. Backpacks are sooo 7th grade!

Now I 'spose I need to go study, snacks and computers at the ready, teacup at my side... if only I could get off of the internet!

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