Friday, May 1, 2009

Volvo Roll Call

Today I go out in the wet cold weather to load up my goods for tomorrow, the first Farmers Market of the Season at the Longmont Farmer's Market at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. And no vehicle is better suited, than the Volvo 240 Station Wagon! My sister calls them "pick-up trucks for girls" I will be putting my tent, tables, racks, chairs, crates of bags, yarn and pottery and still have room left over! Unlike a truck I don't have to lift things as high, and I can load through the back doors. My goods will be covered from the weather, protected and secure. If I didn't display in a brick and mortar I would just leave it all in the car!
Ok, I admit it, we're Volvo Addicts. The two family vehicles are Volvo station wagons 6 and 7. And why not? As kids they were great for long distance snowboard trips and sleeping in the back. In High School there was no better way to move band equipment. And now I know the true value of the vehicles for craft fairs!
Above is the Pink Mobile, 1986-2008 RIP. Below, my sister and her beloved Vo... She's planning volvo tattoos!

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Flight Fancy said...

Oh Darlin....You rock! I love my volvo. My boys call it "mom's shaggin Wagon".....Yay volvos!