Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garden Time Again!

Here in the Rockies the seasons are often skewed, we had summer back in February. A month and a half ago, I hauled a load of manure and spread it across the garden. Then it rained every weekend since. Last week we finally had it dry enough to turn over and rake down, and it is well past planting time!

My beans are coming up already, good and hot all week so I guess they knew it was time. It should be rainy all week so I prepped beds for more seeds. Okra, Swiss chard, beets, cukes, squash...yum yum yum! These little dicots are the green beans (and purple beans, and yellow beans...) they come up a little quicker than the Anisazi beans. Very few of these ever make it to a table in my Apartment though, I eat lots of them right there in the bed!

The perennials are all on time, the strawberries are strong and will enjoy this cloudy weather to make big sweet berries. No store bought red block will ever compare with a warm-from-the-sun ripe on the vine sweetness of the homegrown type. If you've ever gone wild berry picking you know what I'm talkiing about!

Next to the berries is the Garlic patch (companion planting BTW). I just seperated the clumps left from last year and spaced them out, that's why they are all laying down, I'm not that bad of a gardener... Nothing like coming home with your hands smelling so fresh ^.-

The blackberries and raspberries are also sprawling away. On the list - get all that grass out of the berry beds!!! The Buffalo Grass has a way of winding around the roots of perennials you like and being rally difficult to get rid of...

And here is Neko, sticking her tongue out, she's annoyed that I found her hiding place in the tall grass. Tough luck kitty, you need to stop flicking your tail around if you want to stay incognito...

And naturally the snow peas, the joy of the weather here, is the little seedlings will have to weather two or more snow falls, and then hurry and make peas before it gets too hot in a few weeks. Delicate season crops are not for the Mile High City!
We keep them in the black bucket so that the soil will warm up sooner in the spring.

And my reward for slaving all day in parents yard? (Besides the fresh wonderful produce I will be gathering all summer that is..) A wonderful flower stem, deep purple irises! So dark and velvety... and the smell!
So what are you growing this summer?

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