Saturday, May 16, 2009

One for the Books

For the rest of the summer, I'm looking forward to working for the family business - A book store. Unfortunately it won't be just sitting around reading, we're moving the shop from it's retail location to a house by parents bought just for this purpose. That's right, we now own a book house.
Now, we think we will have enough bookcases being moved, and the placement post move has been carefully charted on graph paper, but one never knows. I have already filled up both the cases in my apartment. I may need to head the Gypsymarket and look for some storage space, square footage not included...

As we move further in to the computer age you may ask, do we still need books?Debbyaremdesigns knows better, and thinks that the computer and the bound printed matter can co-exist perfectly well thank-you-very-much. Eco-friendly, hip decor, useful, what's not to like?

And what to do with books too crummy to read? Use them to secret your booze of course... Pommesfrites has a number of cut book hide aways, good for matching your book collection! My mother has found many a strange thing secreted in a book, but to my knowledge never anything drinkable

Or you can just gut them and but better stuff inside. Pigseyart doesn't mind taking the razor to an old worn out piece of bibliophilia, and then giving you the opurtunity to fill it up with something more relevant.

If you like to journal you will need a lovely tome to scribble in. May as well make it a colorful hand bound piece since you will likely want to keep it around for many years! This tome by Swirlingtree is sure to satisfy with bright colors and adorable owls....

Or for the all weather doodler, this laminated little book. There are many cute critters in this world but few cuter then the Hedgehog, and Crownbindery's piece is no exception. This little guy is just waiting to be in your pocket!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Good luck with the moving! I love to read :) Your finds are cool!