Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Bike Weather, It's Skirt Weather... It's Bike Skirt Weather!!

The weather has finally started to straighten out around here. After a winter of 60degree days, and a spring of snow, seems like we might get a summer that's just sunny and warm. Which means I have absolutely no excuse for not riding my bike all the time, and it's skirt weather. With the death of the skirt guards (make your own!) a sweet mini is in order, let's see what we can find...

It's important that bike skirts have pleats. Lets the legs move to pump those pedals! And being my favorite colors and plaid doesn't hurt... GoreGoreGirrl has lots of cute skirts with little metal rings perfect for hanging keychains or locking your self to things... Not to mention, it takes class to pull off riding bikes in tights.
Now what would a blog post be, on That Crafty Bitch, with out some eco-friendly goods? Like an Upcycled Skirt from HotPinkandSequins. Pleats, a pocket added (this girl knows what makes clothes good), and purple lace. Can you go wrong with lace? Adds a little class to every thing. Not to mention she obviously made the skirt to match the chair for the photo, good bussiness practice ^.^

If you're looking for truely distinct, how about a One-of-a-kind hand painted piece from NYIllustration ? Exotic Tropical flowers on green corduroy, and I do love corduroy! Just a little bit of pleats to make riding possible, but still showing off the decor.

Now, what better to ride bikes in, then a skirt with a bike on it?! This colorful piece from patchworkunderground has it all, a pocket for tools, rich blue corduroy, and a penny farthing cycle applique! Even the cute modeling in the picture makes me think of summer...

And last but not least, the local shout out! Vital has screened many a bike on many a garment in many a color; these guys are productive! But here, in pink no less, is a skirt, with a bike on it, perfect for biking in! And that's what this post is all about!

So get out there in the lovely early summer sun and ride!

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