Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quilting Experiment

Last week at Craft Night at Fancy Tiger on of the wonderful ladies gave me a stack of nicely cut squares in a variety of prints which just screamed "quilt me!" Mind you they're all cotton and polyester pastels with flocked flowers and flourescent printing, ick.

Need less to say they would all have to be used together, I don't have many fabrics that wouldn't clash terrifically with these. I'm going to date them to 1978 or so...
It actually took me about as much time to clean off the table so I could lay them out as it did for me to sew them. Now I just need to find some fabric to be the quilt backing, dig out the box of blanket binding and begin my first quilt. It's only lap quilt size, but much bigger and I might get overwhelmed. I just consider this practice for the ginourmous tree quilt I'll be producing when i have a table big enough to lay that out on!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks cute - good luck on the quilting part!