Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Controlled Fermentation - Let's Rot!

Some of the best things are life are rotten. Bread, cheese, beer, wine; seriously good things! And of course Yogurt.
But my kitchen is filled with tottering piles of empty yogurt containers and there are not enough left overs to fill them. I decided to stem the flow of plastic tubs by refilling them with more yogurt. Now the old books (Laurel's Kitchen) suggest building complicated insulating-heat-blanket-keep-drafts-out really complicated widgets for yogurt making. The Modern ones have a simple solution - keep 'em in the oven.

You start out with a spoon full or so of old yogurt. Make sure you use one which says "live and active cultures" and is preservative low. Put milk on the stove on medium-low and turn oven to "warm" (usually about 200F). Boil milk, cool milk to just above body temp. and slowly add to the yogurt. Cover and put in your oven (turn the oven off just before you put it in. Leave 6 or more hours.
It should be gelled, and some liquid will seperate (I used skim milk, lots of liquid!) I pour off the liquid for slightly firmer yogurt... Add flavours (I used maple and vanilla ) and pour into a scrupulously clean yogurt container. Get your probiotic and raw food diet on! (or make rich creamy baked goods, your choice)

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