Sunday, May 3, 2009

Farmers Market Ravioli...

This post is short on pics as I was cooking last night, and pics without natural light are not so good. Why was I cooking last night? To warm up.
First you must go to a Farmer's Market, wake up at six, drive 45 minutes, set up a booth in the misty cold and huddle under your tent for 6 hours. The whole time eyeball all the delicious things people keep walking by with. Sell two items, you've made your booth fee so now you can go buy groceries. But you can't stray far from your booth, so only go to the two farmers booths you can see from where you've been sitting all day. Pack up, slave over a stove in order to thaw out your hands.
The booths I could see from my tent happened to be Haystack Mountains Goat Cheese and Hazel Dell Organic Mushrooms (grown in organic poop?). Yeah for supporting local growers! So ravioli is the order of the day.
First peel the rind off the goat cheese, you can eat that on crackers as you cook. Mash it in a bowl with bread crumbs and enough liquid (I used cream, how decadent) to make a creamy mash.
Dice onion, garlic, leek, and Oyster Mushrooms in to tiny little bits, sauté until tender. Mix with the cheese mash. Season as needed.
Take pasta pieces, I'm using gyoza wrappers, but any similar pasta product would do. You could be tech and make your pasta from scratch. Put a dollop of filling in the center, wet the edge, lay another one in top and close with a fork. Try to squeeze out all the air of they will float when boiled.
Cook them just long enough to be warm all the way through and enjoy with your favorite pasta sauce! Isn't it nice to be a gormand?

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