Sunday, March 1, 2009


Wanna waste a lot of time and have a lot of fun? do you knit, spin, or crochet? Go to Ravelry. Wait impatiently for four days for your invite. Now catalog all your yarn, needles, books, projects you want to do, projects you're in the middle of and any other scrap of your life that's been consumed by fiber.
I actually joined Ravelry because the advertising was recommended to me. Of course when I look at Google Analytics (another good time waster) I 'm already getting traffic from Ravelry... ?
But really, I see this as a great way to organize my stash and start working through it, seeing as I have to full days almost every week to knit (we call this higher education mmmkay) I like knowing what my next project will be.
This has lead to entirely too much time staring at estate sale yarn a pondering it's fiber content, gauge and origin. And the needles!
I have a set of circular interchangables (which is awesome) and I didn't bother to then fill in that that covers every circular imaginable. But some interesting things - Why do I have 4 pairs of size 7 needles? 12 size 6 double points? Do I really need to more than one of any size crochet hook?

Then there is the forums, great debates on the ethics of silk, searches for the ultimate hat pattern, the name this yarn game (perhaps this could clarify some of my stash).

I'll be trying out advertising some time in the next month, I've been adverting on Project Wonderful and I've gotten clicks, but I don't know if that led to sales?

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