Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Craft Night - Felting

I've been knitting in class again, and it means I'm running through projects too quickly! This is the "Sunset Bag". The body is some rather chunky handspun processed from to sheep. My friend Spyder needed help with all her fleeces. (She has several sheep, a llama and alpace besides! Spinners heaven no?) We washed the fleece, then stuffed it one pound at a time into a too small dye pot in several color batches. Ran it through a drum carder, and the stuff I spun came out blended just so.
I actually finished knitting the body nearly a year ago, but was miffed at what to do for a strap. Black? Red? Did I have any yarn that would look good on this piece?
I decided recently that my Indigo colorway had been on the market for a full year with out one sold, so sacrificing a skein for this project would be OK. I brought the project to a Magic tournament Saturday night to knit between rounds (they're used to me there, no one ask any stupid questions to the person with two X's). Then yesterday I occupied my school classes with the click clack of two plastic needles. After getting off the light rail I was just a few rows from complete. Now what will I do at craft night?
I think I will be hand felting this bag (not sure how to do that yet, but I'm sure I can figure something out). I don't want to machine felt it and risk gross disfigurement, but the yarns too chunky to be left alone. Afterwards I'll line it and give it a zipper top...
As for tonight at Fancy Tiger? I guess I'll just have to spin, I can never have too much unsold yarn right?

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