Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Asian Food

On Wednesday the BF and I took a trip to the Asian food store, but not the little one downtown, the H Mart. This place is huge!!!
They have a large selection of exotic veggies for cheap, I got Chinese Okra (which it turns out is in fact a curcubit. Gone are my visions of epic gumbo...), Ayotes, bok choy and all manner of frozen delights. And these withered little green sticks---->

That's right folks! Okra chips. I was not expecting whole okra to come tumbling out of the bag. But they are light and crispy. They taste like... well, green. I'm sure they were good for me, and I always love an eating adventure!


morinn said...

lol! this is unique

candlemamma said...

I love asian food. I cook it at home all the time.