Monday, March 30, 2009

How Steam is Your Punk?

So my friend Jackie has finally had the ring dropped and is planning for her wedding. Really she was just waiting for a chance to have her own steampunk convention! As one of her maids I will be required to deck out in fine fashion, and so I was surfing Etsy for inspiration!
One could quickly deck out head to toe in gear bedecked gothic finery. A bevy of old watch parts meld with gems and jewels in pieces like this. qacreates garnet ring. One wonders where all these jewlers are finding matching sets of vintage watch bodies...

Of course if you want one that still tells time you could get this wonderful leather cuff. When only a manly watch will do! Brass gears and leather are the steampunk standards.

For a more delicate arm band, bayousalvage has some mojo for you. Sweet antique skeleton keys with little scraps of lace and other goodies. If there were ever a place full of old stuff Orleans is it! A little eco-friendly too!

Of course Victorian elegance is part of the package. Grandmawasafloozy creates lovely lace things, and she has about the coolest name ever. A little thread and ribbon makes a classic accessory for any upright lady, and floozies too...

And don't forget to cover the rest of you. There are many corset and dress makers on Etsy, some are pure classical, and others more contemporary. Like Wolandandmoon and this sassy but not restrictive dress. all the black and lacing you need.

And that is how easy it is to but together a steampunk get-up. all you need now is spats and a zeppelin.

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