Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Art of Frogging

And no, I'm not talking about searching the swamp for slimy critters. I'm talking about recycling ugly sweaters into yarn and back again. Creatively, like Jocelyngermany's yarn, frogged and then dyed into this beautiful rainbow.
VillageBicycle found this lovely olive cotton, and couldn't help but pull it to pieces! It actually takes considerable skill and patience to undo entire sweaters.
And one has to pick out just the right sweater! A sweater that was cut after knitting and before sewing together will make lots of little scraps of yarn, not so useful. I was on a kick for greens, so here is SmartMonkey's (cute avatar!) pale green yarn, so nicely wound you wouldn't know it was used.
So if you want a great deal on yarns go to Etsy and search "recycled yarn". You'll get every thing from small skeins like this offering from My7kids.
To this Bulky rust colored lovely from WollyKnitsNBits. Some very quality stuff, from acrylic and cotton to cashmere and mohair! What thrift store do you guys shop at?
So, cheap, eco-friendly, and a great way to support the frogging habits of these fine shops. What are you waiting for? go yarn shopping!


my7kids said...

Yarn shopping! Hurray!! Can we do a glass of wine afterward (or during)?

Thanks for giving my shop a plug!

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Pink said...

hmmm, how about wine before, during and after... then we'll be totally ready to knit!