Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tutorial Blog Roll!!

I started this blog as an answer to all the people who would ask - "how do you make that?" So it's time for a tutorial roll, all the bag making and other tutorials I have had. And I'm sure there will be more as I continue to make new bags and create more techniques!

First is the trio of tutorials that answers the question - "what shall I do with an old pair of pants?" The basic (like the one above). The slightly more complex (like the tree bag here).

And the tour-de-force, the Butt Bag! Like that one over there---> My favorite because not only are they really big, But they make no bones about where they come from, pants through and through. Also the tutorial showing how I make fabric covered buttons from bottle caps. Perfect for bag closures!

Then we move on to other old clothes. Like this t-shirt bag here, totally portable and surprisingly roomy! This one was even embellished because Pink hates boring...

Then we move back to other options for a pair of pants. Like this awesome knitting needle caddy. I own several, adjusted slightly for knitting needles, paint brushes, and markers.

How about a really big pair of pants? How about a really big tote bag? The flat-bottomed tote with tons of space that's easy to fill up. And it has lot's of space for a big design on the side! I could carry lot's of cupcakes in this one...

And lastly the pillow case bag. I happen to have a mother who frequents estate sales and has a rather large linen closet, so I have no shortage of old bed sheets and pillow case. perfect for bags!

My next tutorial may include bed sheet bags, corset bags, yarn fun or who knows! so get out there and start upcycling!!

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