Thursday, March 19, 2009

How Slowly We Learn

"History doesn't repeat it's self, but it rhymes..." Ever since Malthusian Economics hit the scene we've been well aware, as human beings, that we're using up lots of stuff and we're going to run out. Here's a little gem from 1978, educational comic from Disney on the problem. Amusing? Yes. True? Even more so. BTW copyright of Disney etc...
The Comic consist mainly of Micky beating up on Goofy, telling him how to keep house, drive, even load his car. All in the name of conservation. (I've never liked Micky, but this is good) Then they have a trippy hallucination with a mini sun talking about the energy supply.
Do you know any kids who have seen a candy scale that looks like that? A candy scale period? And look at these little guys, strangely anthropamorphic, super excited to safe energy. Scary.
Then little Sun starts talking about "futuristic" electricity sources. Like solar panels. If you remember that little quite man named Carter? He put some on the White House. Regan took them down, talk about petty rivalries!
He also covers wind and geothermal, not new technologies even at the time, but growing. Then we get into the weird stuff...
And Fusion! Any one remember cold fusion? *Laughs rediculously*
So then of course it's up to busy-body Micky to come weatherize Goofy's house (why don't I have friends like that? Garden digging party, my place, Sunday)
And as talking about saving money is all the rage now, here's some things to help one use less. The news has been full of stuff about saving money, sometimes via conservation. Nothing's new folks. 1978 we were preaching this stuff to kids, and we still don't have a clue.
Click on the pictures for a larger view to read these pearls of wisdom - "use a fluorescent bulb instead of an incandescent". Tell me more Goofy.
Perhaps thirty years from now, people will be looking at the conservation tips on magazines and news shows wondering why the heck we didn't do anything...

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