Monday, March 23, 2009

Springtime Yarn.

Time for another batch of yarns. This time it's three pairs of skeins. One very fine sock, one medium, and one chunky bulky. The four smaller skeins are spun from pure white merino with a fine mist of dark green commercial roving.
I dyed it with three pots, yellow, green and a pale mauve. We'll see that it looks like when it's all untangled!
I also dyed a bunch of small piles of raw alpaca fleece also. Washed them several times first (quite a pile of dirt in the bottom of the sink!) but they're still full of hay bits. When I card them together much of that will come out, and most of the rest will flake off as I spin. Light fluffy color balls! They're drying in the oven right now...

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