Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage Find of the Week

What's special about this find is not the object, its the manner of it's discovery. Last week my father decided to tackle a small plumbing project in my parents house, and We ended up dragging ourselves into the basement crawl space with a drop light and a wrench. After wrestling the pipe out of the space we were retreating when I glanced up under the floor, and noticed a pair of knitting needles.
They were sitting in a small pile of detritus that had obviously been dropped through a floor grate over the years, including two old antennae that I suspect were being used to fish out said dropped things. One has some rust on the end where it must have sat under a drip, and the other has a dented tip, which must have happened before they disappeared under the floor boards. My mother claims no memory of these needles, so they may have been dropped by the previous owner. That means they've been down there for at least 26 years... Held up pretty well eh?

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Split Rock Ranch said...

If only they could speak and tell you what they helped create before sitting in a grate for all those years.