Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leafing Out

As summer is here, in all it's glory, I wanted to celebrate the lush greenery that has been showing up here in Colorado. We've been having an unusually large amount of rain in regular intervals and the whole state is brilliantly blooming.

First we have a leaf that will last forever, well, almost forever. In case one summer is not enough for your foilage heres a wonderful tray from sumiko that will grace your table for years to come. Reminds me of eating off banana leaves in Paraguay, but a little more subtle.
For a little leaf in your pocket, this richly colored neatly stitched wallet from Thefigleaf is a lovely accent. In fact you may find yourself buying things just so you can pull it out and show it off, perhaps you would be better to buy a see through vinyl bag... No matter what this is a nice balance of style and functionality.

For that elf/wood nymph/hippy look a little shrug action in minty gray-green is just the ticket! Eveldasneverland has lovingly knit this shoulder capelet in her own design and wonderful scrolling leaves. Subtle but unmistakable this forest-y piece is waiting for a walk in the woods.

Lacy ferns on bright blue, isn't this photo by everydaymoments just scrumptious! Soft focus and slight vignette, my two favorite photo effects, this would be a perfect touch on your walls in any room that wants a little color!

If you want just a little touch of green leaves then these are for you. Kande has these light and airy glass earrings just waiting to dangle and sparkle in the sunlight. Such a nice shade of fresh growth...

The summer colors can last all year!


Kande said...

Thank you for including my earrings in your great post. I love your blog, especially the name!

Everyday Moments said...

Thank you for the mention! What great subject matter, love all the fresh colors. I tweeted about you so it will hopefully send some more blog readers your way :).

Campbell Jane said...

What a wonderful collection of leaves! Love them all!