Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spinning Again

That's right, back to the blissful ticka ticka ticka of the bobbin twirling. I have tons of bats ready to go, and more to be carded still. I took the entire alpaca fleece I bought at the Estes Wool Market and dyed it in several batches. An entire fleece takes up a lot of space, but when it's spun it doesn't make nearly as much as you'ld think...

This colorway was a triumph of kettle dying. The original chunk of alpace came out in a dozen shades from indigo purple to plum to lavender, even red! I blended it with a bit of commercial wool roving in deep plum... and Striped Plum was born. Those two batts only made 140 yards, but it's all bliss!

This piece of alpaca came out an even tone of rich bright blue! So to shake things up I blended in some blue-green sparkles for an ocean-y color. Mermaid is made with pure mermaid tail scales (OK, mylar. But it is magical stuff)

I still have batts of deep green, bright yellow, pale teal... I'll be spinning a while!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

That all looks gorgeous :)

Novia said...

ooooo I'm loving the peachy color fiber :)