Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dante caught a bird today...

He went running behind me this morning, and I caught a glimpse of something gray and fluffy in his mouth...
"Dante...What the hell is that?"
It kicks a few times. It's a little gray bird.
"Take that damn thing the fuck back out on the balcony righ..."
Pooh. He spits it out on the carpet. It's not struggling anymore.
" Oh yes very nice, you killed something. Good kitty. Now take it back out."
He's looking at it waiting for it to move again. He has not yet mastered the don't-kill-it-so-you-can-play-with-it hunting skills. I grab it and toss it off the balcony. He realizes it's gone and starts frantically looking for it. I give him kitty treats to distract him.

Honestly I'm rather impressed. If you had ever watched this white fuzzy dummy chase a fly you'ld think he would starve in the wild. Looks like he might make it, but next time he kills something I'm going to make him eat it...

(I declined to take a pic of the carnage, no reason the scare the kids.)

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

That must have been "fun"!