Friday, June 19, 2009

Vacation in Glenwood Springs

So the boy got a week of vacation, so we took a few days to be tourist in our own state and head to Glenwood Springs. This means that we didn't quite outrun the weather. Fortunately that means the first night was a rainbow over the hotel... (see, eternal optimist)
So I went to the Local Yarn Shop this morning Mountain Valley Textiles. Besides being a Yarn shop they sell a number of lovely colorful hand woven goods, made on the dozens of looms which were click clacking away upstairs. Most of the weavers are handicapped adults who have been given a chance to create, a cause worth supporting! And these pieces are more then nice enough to buy for the wares, not the charity.
Glenwood Springs is a lovely town nestled in the valley along a river. Just down the road from Aspen and a few ski resorts.
Right along the river sits a train track on one side (you can still ride the train, if you don't mind the Amtrack schedule, or lack there-of) and a big hot springs on the other. Really this is the big reason we came, to relax around the tubs.

We're back to Denver Saturday night, and we should be enjoying ourselves until then!

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