Monday, June 8, 2009

New Yarn Colorway for Summer

Nom nom nom! This pile of long dangly things on the stove is not an overflowing pot of spagetti. It is in fact several skeins of yarn. Did a new colorway in ocean-y hues. Ok, there's no ocean anywhere near me, so what I imagine an idylic tropical ocean looks like...
With each color I stuff a few ounces of alpaca in the pot to take up the extra dye, so in a week or so there will be another similer colorway in soft lucious local fibers! Alpaca is almost ready to spin off the lock, so I could almost spin this up as soon as it dries, but after sending through a drum carder it will make marshmallow-y poofs of spinning bliss. I'm looking forward to it can't ya tell?

This set of skeins is a little different. I didn't take it off the wheel onto a niddy-noddy. Instead I sat my boy friend in one chair and the cat in another and set them a few feet apart. I measured to make loops that are 4 yards around instead of 2. So this yarn won't pool in little repeats, but will stripe a little bit. I'd like to do some longer colorways, but this is already a little unwieldy. I had to hang it on the porch to dry! And twisting the loops into skeins involves your feet... I can't wait to knit my sample swatch and see the magic!

The final product has deep peacock turquoise, light pure blue, sea green, a drift wood gold and sandy yellow. Almost all the colors occur in more than one spot to further reduce pooling. Now I soak the viniger smell out of my hands and bask in the pretty colors!


Marlaine said...

The colours are pretty but must be tropical waters. It's deep dark blue green here in British Columbia, north of Seattle WA. Really pretty.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those colors are lovely!