Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mission Impossible - Shopping for Men

So Tuesday is my Boy's Birthday. We're going to dinner with the family today, and I need a gift in the next two days!
Knitting is out of the question, I made him socks one Christmas and he had trouble pulling them over his high arches, so now I wear them. We won't talk about my other attempt to give him handmade...
His friend is giving him Magic Cards, no good there.
I was going to buy him some Twilight books, after I caught him reading the first one, but he ran out to get them and read the entire series in about four days. Addictive appearently.
So tomorrow I'm going to go to some shops, find a male employee, and ask him what he wants for his birthday. Of course, since he has a Y chromosome, he may just look at me blankly and shrug. Sigh.

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Hope you found something! My husband is impossible to shop for...