Saturday, June 27, 2009

Real life Review from a Real Person

Not a robot, I swear. This is a review I found recently from a lovely customer who bought some items from me in the local Brick and Morter

"On my way to Sweet Action the other night I fell in love with a bag in the window. I even took a picture with my cell phone to remind myself.

I happened in the neighborhood today and made a point to go back and adopt the purse before someone else did.

"I saw a sign that said they were handmade by someone here in Denver, which just made me want it more. I went in and announced my interest in said bag and the two employees (possibly the owners) let me know that the woman who makes them works there and was actually in at the moment. They went and rustled her up while I found a book to get, it is a book store after all. Pink, who makes the purses let me know that they have a lifetime guarantee and that mine even had a matching cuff bracelet. Do I look like the type of person to split up a family? So, with my cuff, bag and book I was a very happy customer.

I am going to come back and browse some more when I don't have a singular reason for the visit. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. As far as the eye can see are books. Paradise!"

There it is, you can read to original on Yelp .

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