Monday, June 22, 2009

The Peonies of Summer

The flowers of Summer are hanging heavy in my parent's yard. Big fluffy peonies, like this one from Tionamarco. Ours came from Grandma's yard, and they bloom even lovelier each year. In honor of these early summer visitors, here's a collection of red flowers from the wonderful crafters of Etsy, bring a little handmade home.

Why red flowers? Red is classy. Red makes you look exciting, mature, mysterious. LittleBrownBird has these hairpins, deep rich colors for a little bit of flair. I love love love brocades, the texture and depth, a wonderful way to use the heavy fabric.

Now in our yard, the peonies are actually pale pink and brilliant fuschia. Never fear, AnniesDesigns makes piles of cute little flowers for all your craft emmbellishment needs. These crocheted flowers are dying to be tacked on to things, or just strewn around your home for color and whimsy... They are cheap enough to be decor for the plant allergic!

Ever seen quilled paper work? I have, in vintage craft books, never in real life! I admit that the quilling paper in the Craft Shed got recycled into handmade paper, who would teach this to 9-year-olds? But lo and behold DizzeeLizzee has kept the skills alive, turning out beautiful curled paper pieces and shelacing them to death. A piece of jewelry that will have people asking "Wow! What is that?" in the nicest of ways.

For little starburst of color, these marvelour earrings by Schoolofcharms are more than just pretty, they're made from upcycled/vintage materials. I have to include at least one in each post... I can't help myself! And these are wonderfully matched, makes me wish I had pierced ears...

And the best for last - "Last Chance Sale" that is. Littlelesiw's wonderful kanzashii style hair acutrements in brilliant fiery red. If you want to draw attention to a nice coif this is the way to do it, and brilliant and flashy is always good for summer fashion! (What am I talking about, flashy is always in style...)

In fact, red makes everybody look good, so liven up your outfit!

Update: the Denver Handmade Craft Fair has 5 Vendors fully committed and several more with applications on the way... where's yours?


lhansen said...

What a lovely Blog you have! Thanks a million for featuring my Earrings! I love it! ( :

Mary(Little Brown Bird/All Up In My Kitchen) said...

Thank you so much for featuring my hair pins!