Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer of Mohair

Looks like this summer I'm going to clear all the singleton balls of mohair out of my stash! I've got a row, the hand-dyed leftovers from a sweater, the hand-dyed I-will-never-use-white mohair, the balls of Que Linda Boucle... all going to be knit I swear it! I started with this petite boob cradle (ahem, I mean.. "shrug") made from yarn I bought in Grand Junction. That's right, when Pink travels her souvenirs come from the L.Y.S.

Now I've started a scarf with some fancy-smancy-french yarn mum got at an estate sale. It's lovely and soft, and a pain to knit! One tends to get tangled up in the little bouclé curls and split the mohair half of the ply, but no victory with out hardship right? I have a snazzy system for keeping track of a pattern, very useful with mohair. Otherwise one spends a lot of time holding the piece up to the light and trying to devine the stiches... It's a four part pattern, so I cut a small piece of cardboard and divide it into four parts, write an abbriviation I can understand, arrows to know what direction I'm going, and a hole in each section. I then pin it the the front side of the work (also good to know!) and move the pin after every row. like a row counter for patterns!
And of course this pic looks better than the truth, after I took it I frogged the whole thing. I weighed the unused yarn and discovered that the finished scarf would be less than 15in long. So I'm making it narrower, and hopefully long enough to wrap properly! One-skein projects require postal scales!
I'm starting again, and it should move quickly, I'm trying to keep with my project per week goal (last week I cheated and made wash clothes...) and trying to clear out my stash! Just when it looks smaller though, I find another bag or yarn at my parents house...

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